Institutional-Level Execution

Capital investments for select domestic and international investors.

Market Experience

Strong relationships with mortgage originators, escrow companies, and contractors.

Established Business

Exceptional management ensures asset performance and smooth operations.


Pacifica Real Estate Services manages real estate operations on behalf of Pacifica Enterprises for premier real estate companies and for select domestic and international high-net-worth investors, while Pacifica Business Brokers is the affiliate entity that manages business transactions.

Throughout decades of targeted investments in the Western U.S. market, Pacifica has built strong relationships with mortgage lenders and structured debt providers that allow the company to invest in assets with great upside potential.

Through its seasoned and highly focused asset management division, Pacifica ensures that each real estate asset in its portfolio performs optimally while maintaining friendly and professional relationships with tenants and homeowners.

Key Points

  • On-site property management
  • Off-site leasing
  • Budgeting, accounting, billing, and collections
  • HOA and community association management
  • Tenant improvements and tenant relocation
  • Property tax appeals
  • Advisory services
  • Asset management and valuation